Sunday, 23 January 2011

handles for marking knife

As seen here a few cock ups  whilst getting the right amount of bulk timber  and  the diameter right at the front end of the handle to be able to take the blade tang snuggle inside the handle without splitting.

Sunday, 16 January 2011


Here is my  first attempt at cutting dovetails  since I left the joiners shop back in 1991, oops,   no where  near good enough, I need a lot more practice to get back up to speed before cutting the dovetails for the   drawers on the new tool cabinet, second attempt better, but  still with room for improvement.

first attempt with some off cuts of oak . Second attempt some old softwood  offcuts.


Friday, 10 December 2010

Record T5 side handle

Record T5 side handle.

My first attempt at turning after about 25 yr gap.  I have a record T5  jack plane  with the side handle  missing  so  decide to use this as my first little project to ease back into turning, a forum member
(Tony,Waka) gave me a nice piece of rosewood to do this job,oops.

I got it all set up, got the shakes for a while when the cutting chisel first nibbled  into the rosewood, from the nerves you understand, the shape started to show nicely  then the  confidence began to come back, suddenly oops, two pieces of rose wood, ha ha , end of first project, tools  got put away disgusted with my self for  getting it so wrong, see for your self why,should have turn it the other way round, so I left it for a few days whilst I  plucked up enough courage  to do it all again.